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Jan. 19th, 2012

[10] - Gary Oldman
[8] - Rooney Mara
[4] - Ryan Gosling
[9] - Jessica Chastain
[33] - Anna Kendrick
[41] - Marion Cotillard
[47] - Kirsten Dunst
[12] - Request: qt animal icons, Robert Pattinson.


here @ wrongpill


[promotion]: thecircus_fic

Mods, if this is not allowed, please feel free to delete! ♥

thecircus_fic is a new fanwork community for the 2011 movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy!
We welcome all pairings (including gen), genres, ratings, and fanworks. We also welcome RPF, book!verse, and mini-series!verse.

Hope to see you there!

thecircus_fic thecircus_fic thecircus_fic

Gary Oldman Icons!

Hey all! I have just finished making some lovely actor icons to share with whoever wants to take. I made more Gary icons than any other actor in this batch, my obsession with him is starting to creep back in again :)

Icons [03] - [07] Christian Bale
[08] - [11] Eric Bana
[12] - [20] Gary Oldman
[21] - [23] Josh Brolin
[24] - [27] Kiefer Sutherland
[28] - [32] Tom Hardy

As always, take as many as you like. Comments and credits are love ♥

[01]   [02]

The rest can be found here: http://housejackbuilt1.livejournal.com/4889.html#cutid1


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Q&A Photos

Hi there,

Earlier this week I attended a preview and Q&A for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which both Gary Oldman and John Hurt attended.

For those interested I've posted some photos from the event on my journal HERE.


Newb Bearing FanFic

Hi everyone.

I've loved Gary Oldman for ages, but I really haven't been compelled to write fanfiction about his character (except Sirius) until watching Red Riding Hood. Go figure, right? I just felt like his character needed more...something. The whole film could have used a good injection of oomph.

Anyway, he was awesome in it, as always. So please enjoy this fic.

Title: The Girl with the Blue Eyes
Rating: R
Characters: Father Solomon and Valerie
Summary: Father Solomon noticed her. How could he not? A missing interrogation scene.

Big bad wolf.Collapse )

Gary Oldman's Birthday flashmob

Charming Mr. Oldman, dear Gary! We are pleased to congratulate you on your 53rd birthday! And we hope that you will continue to delight us with your incredible acting and memorable roles.

Please, repost this message(or some pictures) to your blog. The pictures and codes can be found

Pictures not mine, credit to owner.
The quotes were taken from articles and movies.
Gary Oldman's Birthday flashmob 2011
Енот П. Tenera_lama

Chattahoochee caps

Around 4700 caps from Chattahoochee, mostly Gary. PNG format and 720x480, in a zip file.
Download here

I keep watching this over & over

Wanted to share, didn't see it but sorry if it's already been posted.


A Beat the Devil Picspam

I felt like sharing the love. Here is a picpam over at my journal from the short BMW ad Beat the Devil.
Here's a teaser (lol like anyone here needs to be persuaded)
♥ Welcome to the Gary Oldman livejournal community. Feel free to post your pictures, comments, icons, wallpapers and general creations relating to the man. We don't have many rules, but please try and respect the following:
♥ No flaming other members
♥ Any and all trolls will be banned
♥ We respect Mr Oldman's privacy on
this site and therefore ask you
not to post any gossip or
pictures pertaining to his
private life.

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